Tuesday, August 12, 2014

What's On Your Skin?

What are you using on your skin?
For many years I suffered from dry skin.  To alleviate this, I used baby oil right after my shower.  This allowed me to keep moister in my skin.  I did have some problems with zits, but ignored them over the benefit.  I am unable to use cocoa and coconut since it causes many allergic reactions.  Most scented products drove me nuts with the overpowering scent and many still use ingredients that cause me allergies.
In my pursuit of large amounts of baby oil, I came across an article that was very alarming.  I kept researching and found more disturbing information.
This led me to research natural methods of alleviating dry skin.  This has been many years now and lots of trial and error, nearly 10, and now I make the same thing for my family and friends.  I am always changing the formula, each time getting better and I only charge them the amount it cost me.
I know this has made a difference in my skin. 
I make no disclaimer of younger, or healthier or any other crazy statement.  All I know is that I am better!
Here are some links to websites on mineral oil, skin, and the two main ingredients in my homemade oil.


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