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Circulating currency is the one key to unlock your blessings. When we circulate our currency, we send it out cheerfully. We are excited to give, we have a sense of responsibility when we pay our debts, and we understand that there is an endless supply from the universe when we need anything. You are entitled to have the desires of your heart and to be happy. Currency is not meant to be hoarded and will stop the flow of blessings. The current cannot continue if there is a blockage. Your left hand will not receive if your right hand does not give. There is no mistake as to the name of “currency.” Current is the passing in time; belonging to the time passing; new; present; most recent: a flowing; flow, as of a river. Something that flows, as a stream, a portion of air, a large body of water, etc., moving in a particular direction the speed at which such flow moves, the velocity of flow. As a course, as of time or events; the main course; the general tendency. As electricity is a flow of e

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