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Voice to the Voiceless

 Today, I am introducing my native American children's and inspirational spiritual books. I write to give voice to the voiceless, give a name to the nameless, and give a face to the faceless. I write to give identity to those who have had their identity stolen with the stroke of a pen. For centuries history has taught about our people as something from the past, as if we were a relic. Our books in school talk about us like we do not exist and that we are no longer walking on this Earth. Then when we are taught in the home, it contradicts what we are taught in schools. This has always caused confusion among my grandparents, my parents, and myself. I have taken it upon myself to change the way stories are told, to give a name to the nameless, give a voice to the voiceless, to give a face to the faceless. I write these stories so my children and my grandchildren can have a sense of familiarity so that when they come home from school with the inadequate history taught about our people,

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