Saturday, November 5, 2016

Buying A Home

There is nothing easy about buying a home. You have to be prepared to go through with the entire process. It can be long and even a little frustrating at times. It is not something that will happen overnight and in fact, you have to be able to make this a great experience that will make your dreams come true in the end.  You will end up with the home that you have always wanted.

Getting the opportunity to buy a home is special.  It will take a lot of hard work and preparing to get to this point. You have to make sure that you have all of your finances in order so that you can make all the right decisions for your home buying experience. You need to make sure that your credit is good so that you can get a decent interest rate that you can feel good about.

Homeownership brings tremendous social benefits for families, communities, and the country as a whole. Home ownership remains to be a crucial part of the American Dream.  Since at least 2008, the tides have turned away from owning a home.  However with continued low interest rates and programs, consumers and policymakers are again considering the economics of buying versus renting. The benefits are outstanding for communities and individuals, but only under the right circumstances and with the right mortgages.

We are here to help you with this process.  We are excited to announce that “My New Home NJ” is hosting a Home Buyer Seminar on November 17th from 6 pm – 8 pm at the Cohansick NLLI Facility, 75 Westcott Station Rd., in Bridgeton NJ, 08302.

This workshop is FREE for 50 participants from Cumberland, Gloucester, Salem, Atlantic and Cape May Counties. We will have light snacks, and guest speakers from Real Estate, Banking, Insurance, Weatherization and Credit Repair.

Please follow the link: to register for your FREE seminar! If you need additional information, call 856-455-0600, M-F from 9 am – 4 pm. This seminar is sponsored in part by BB&T Bank, Community Development.

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