Sunday, January 22, 2017

A Day in the Life of our Guinea Hens

There’s tons of technical information about guinea hens but nothing as exciting as a day in the life of our guineas.

It's been several years now that we've raised guinea hens and it's hard to imagine life before them, but when I do think back, I think about all the ticks that we encountered, myself and some family members, even getting Lyme disease. But now that we've raised guinea hens for bug and tick control, it has been seven years now and we have not experienced one tick bite and that's no exaggeration.

I can tell you a lot of the regular information about guinea hens, about how they eat 1 acre of ticks per day, per bird, that they mate for life, that they roost on trees at night so they're safe from nocturnal predators; but I’d rather tell you how these birds are truly amazing. They're very smart, they live well with the chickens, they have trained the chickens, they keep the chicken safe from predators by making loud noises and they're just great to have around. Oh, most importantly, they eat 95% of all bugs!

Each day when we wake up we look forward to letting the Guineas out of their pen and watching them as they look for bugs in the grass. They run back-and-forth with their wing feathers back, making noise and inspecting the yard just like it's a gift of a brand-new day, that they were created just that day.

It's hard to believe that they can recognize us but they do. They see our faces and they're just as excited to see us as we are to see them. And they will let us know when strangers are around. They know our cars and they know when a stranger’s car comes in our yard and will let us know by making a loud noise, just like a watchdog would.

It's hard to believe that they can recognize each other the way they do and to just think that their tiny little heads can memorize their spouse or their mate, that they chose for life. They stay together and they protect each other.

They're so protective of the chickens. When the chickens go near the woods the Guineas all gather and even put up a barrier by lining up so the chickens can't go into the woods. They make a loud noise just let us know that the chickens are getting close to the woods. They really are amazing creatures.

You know it's funny that we can tell when there are predators around at night because a few Guineas will stay out and perch on top of their house. When they do, it is next to impossible to get them to come into their house at night and close them up. They know what they are doing, they like to stay out and watch for predators. They're watching so that the others will stay safe inside the house. They are amazing.

Many will say that the Guinea hen is not trainable but we really found that to be totally untrue. Our Guineas are very trained. They come in at night into their house and they protect and they stay in the yard during the day. When I hear someone say they're not trainable I know they are not looking at them for what they are, which are just very independent, smart animals.

I can really talk a lot about our guinea hens and the real life of a guinea hen. This is information that we don't find, but the real reason that we have our guinea hens is for nature's little secret of bug and tick control. Like I said earlier, the guinea hen will literally eat 95% of all bugs around your house. This is a true non-chemical form of bug control for a bite free life.

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