Wednesday, February 1, 2017

3 Day Rule and 7 Reasons Why to Have the Right Realtor

If you are like many people, chances are good that you dealt with a few realtors. Finding the right realtor when looking for property depends on what you are looking for.

My name is Ty and this is my story.

We are to the point of expansion. Although we have outlined our needs and desires, finding the right place has been a challenge.  There are many components to purchasing property and there are many people that need to be involved, but the most important person in any purchasing transaction is not just the one seeking property, however, it is the REALTOR.

 Robin Carter, My Realtor, Speaker at
"My New Home NJ" Home Buyer Seminar

We found the dream property, we contacted Robin Carter, our realtor, we viewed the place twice, worked very hard on the business plan, applied for bank loans, made an appointment with the attorney, and did all of the behind scenes work  that was needed to make a decision.   

We were now in my “Three Day Rule” stage.  With all the information at hand, this is the time that I evaluated EVERYTHING.  This was the most important part and I relied heavily on my Realtor, Robin Carter.

Before I tell you the outcome, let me go over the 7 reasons why you must have the right realtor.

Asking plenty of questions before looking at property may seem like a lot of work, but when you visit a realtor for the first time, you should think about these 7:

1.       How well your realtor listens to what you are looking for
2.      How well they understand current real estate law
3.      How many other clients they have helped
4.      How they relate to others in the community
  1.   How often they communicate with you on the phone, text or email
  2.   How fast they locate the properties for you to view
  3.   How honest they are with you about what you see
 While all real estate agents have different personalities, you will have to decide which one you will want to work with when looking for your new property.  We found that Robin Carter, is great, not only with our personal homes, but also with commercial real estate.

This is me, Ty - Back to my story.

It is the “Third Day” and all seems well. My heart was full of joy and excitement with the very thought of expanding into this great project.  During the 3 day evaluation, I had a few questions.  These questions were asked out of my inexperience in Real Estate, however, they seemed to be missing pieces.  Robin was on it, she knew exactly what my concerns were.  Although they were not per se unlawful issues, but the questions I had, if I were to continue with the process, would have cost money upfront, with an outcome that may have severed the transaction in the end due to why the pieces are missing in the first place.

Robin's experience, whit, and gut feeling was to “not spend any money” and wait for her!  I did, and although my heart wanted to continue, my instincts told me to listen.

Our Realtor, Robin Carter, is the best.  She is knowledgeable, caring, and when she does not have an answer, she gets the information.  She is professional and personable. She saved our hard-earned money, and was honest about the transaction.  We did not buy this time and we are still looking.

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