Sunday, November 26, 2017

Guinea Fowl – Great for the Farm

I know there's much information already about guinea fowl and how they benefit with tick eating, however, there are other benefits of living bug free, that is a blessing, not only for us but for animals as well.

We cannot take it lightly, when we walk outside of the house, walk through the large pastures of grass, the wooded sections and with the animals, domestic and farm, and not find a single bug.

This is an immense benefit for all of us, that the guinea hens have added to our life. The cats and dog have no fleas or ticks, none in the grass, woods or sand. No chiggers! All of us, including the farm animals enjoy the grassy areas chigger free.  The goats, who are prone to worms, have no worms and therefore we don't need to worry about medicating often.  The new cow, bull and alpaca will really benefit because these past few years, we have had no flies.  Guineas eat them too.  They are great protectors of the silkie chickens, which in-turn hatch guinea eggs.

Don’t let me forget to mention the garden.  We never use pesticides for the vegetables!  The Guineas take care of any potential pest and therefore, we eat organically.

The best benefit of all, watching our children and our grandchildren play in the meadows and woods bug free without harmful pesticides. 

We will have guinea fowl in February through September of 2018! 856-332-3817.

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