Friday, March 30, 2018

The Water Bearer

The Aquarian Age is a return to honoring the Divine Feminine.  Women will come to remember their grace, divinity, equality and strength.

In the Piscean Age, women were stripped from their feminine, mothering, nurturing existence.  This created a lack of equality and balance.  Aquarian Age exposes that the Divine One dwells within us and within all things.

In the Aquarian Age, we are developing the Self-Awareness System. This is a guidance system will take us through life and onto the right paths.  We will be the master of our own self, our psyche, and our body.  Using our Awareness System, our creativity explodes.  We will have an abundance of energy and will be able to serve others.  We will evolve into a new humanity.

"Age of Aquarius" is an astrological term denoting either the current or forthcoming astrological age, depending on the method of calculation. Astrologers maintain that an astrological age is a product of the earth's slow precessional rotation and lasts for 2,160 years, on average (26,000-year period of precession / 12 zodiac signs = 2,160 years).

The Age of Aquarius is causing a great turmoil in order to make room for the new values of equality, feminism, love, brotherhood, unity, humanity and integrity. Everything with Piscean values is being exposed and taken down. This includes dominant men, governments, corporations, individuals, and even personal relationships.

The Aquarian Age points to the direction of our own evolution in consciousness. We are each being asked to make a choice “to be”. We can hold on to the old values or adopt the new presented ones. Our happiness and peace depend on our choice and the change will take place whether we change or

The teachings of consciousness and awakening are available for every person. Aquarius is the water bearer, giving wisdom and grace to suffering humanity. There is no hierarchy, every person has their own internal God (Jesus within) and the inner Spirit to guide them. This is a teaching of individuality, everyone realizes their own particular Being.

The Aquarian Age is also characterized by high technology and widespread access to information and knowledge for the benefit of all, and a drive toward a social, political and equality revolution. The age of greed, exploitation, war, chaos, ignorance, inequality and misery will come to an abrupt end.
During the Aquarian Age, divine feminine, grace, divinity, equality and strength prevails. The Piscean age of men, machines and hierarchies dominated however, destruction will come upon the unaware as “travail of a woman in childbirth”.

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