Sunday, April 26, 2015

Circle of Hens

The circle has no beginning or end and no one really knows what came first, the egg or the hen. But one thing is certain, there is a circle of life in the hen. The hen has no beginning or end.

 As long as we have hens and roosters, we will have eggs, and those eggs, when not eaten, will hatch. Those hatchlings will grow and lay more eggs to be eaten and hatched.  This is a wonderful cycle. Even if we choose to raise a few birds to eat, we will most definitely have more eggs that we can imagine.

The chicken can also be used to represent how each day should be, like a circle.  Each morning the sun rises with a whole new day to experience so we can be used to produce eggs and fertilize.  Each night we close our eyes with the satisfaction of completing our day as it should be.  If we are blessed with another morning, we start over again, ready to hatch and fertilize what comes our way.

We started with 10 guinea hens and 9 silkie chickens.  

A few months later, we had eggs. 

 Not much time after that, we noticed that a few of the hens were sitting on their eggs.

 We now have 11 additional silkie hens and they are really getting big!  

In less than a year, we have nearly doubled the amount of birds and have enjoyed many dozens eggs.

The next step is to determine which birds will be a permanent fixture in our bellies or keepers for reproduction.  In any case, this is full circle! 

We gave the birds a pep talk and explained the circle.  “You all have options; layers, fertilizers or food on the list for the recipe book!”  (Hum, which one will it be; baked, fried or sautéed?  Or maybe just chicken and rice soup!  Or better yet chicken bar-be-cue!) Whatever the case, we calmly explained to each and every one, “you all have your duties and you must now choose!”

As the chicken, we all must choose where we are in this circle.  We have many choices but one thing is for sure, there is no beginning or end as long as we are alive.  If we are not laying or fertilizing, then we have become the last on the list, as food for Mother Earth!

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