Friday, September 11, 2015

Master Your Money the Indigenous Way with Budget Master


The Indigenous Way Budget Master

This program will be the most basic and the most effective tool for managing your finances.
This can show you how you allocate your money to make choices based on your financial Expectations.  

There are many benefits of Budgeting:

Makes you aware of what is happening with your money  
Enables you to know what you can afford, investing opportunities, and lower your debt
Enables you to save for expected and unexpected costs 
Allows you to plan to set aside money for emergency costs

Gives you control over your money
Makes you intentional about the way you spend and save your money    
Keeps you focused on your money goals 
You avoid spending unnecessarily on items that do not contribute to your financial goals
Helps you organize spending and savings 
To make adjustments organizing your bills, receipts, and financial statements

Enables you to communicate with family about goals 
Working for common financial goals and prevents conflict on money used
Helps you determine if you can take on additional debt or how much
Budgeting shows you how much a debt load you can realistically take
Enables you to seek extra money 
Identify and eliminate unnecessary spending like late fees, penalties and interests

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