Thursday, November 21, 2019

NEW book exhibits a rich history of a Native American creation story which are among the thousands of accounts for the origins of our world.

Native Americans have the ability to seek spiritual power in the natural world which allows for a deeper understanding of the connections that all beings have with each other.

Native American origin stories are rooted in mystery and legend. Most stories are passed down orally from generation to generation focusing on children.

November 2019, Bridgeton, New Jersey, USA.

Did you know that all Native American cultures offer many creation legends? Ideas and stories about the beginning of the world are all so different but all lead to the same conclusion that we are all related.

“We must teach the children about nature and relationships at an early age in order for them to be able to develop rich and meaningful thinking and decisions”.

Come along on this fun story written by a member of the Nanticoke Lenni-Lenape Indian Tribe, Tyrese Gould Jacinto, that tells about our creation.

Ms. Gould Jacinto is a skilled craftsperson in Lenape arts, especially beadwork and basket weaving. The mother of five children and 2 grandchildren, she is eager to pass on Lenape traditions to future generations. "If we do not persevere, these arts will not continue or be passed down".

Native American stories are always told to the children, not only keep history, but it allows them to use their great imagination about subjects that have deep hidden meanings of the way things really are. This story is great for all ages!

The main subject of this story is Kishelëmukònk Ahkanshi Kshitay which means The Creators Great Soup in Lenape. With great illustrations to accompany the words, you will be inspired to “contemplate the universe” and how we are related to everything that was created.

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