Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Tale of the Turkeys' Detailed Tail

Introducing a new children's book:
"Tale of the Turkeys' Detailed Tail " 
by: Tyrese Gould Jacinto

How did the Native American Tribes discover different foods? How did they find out about each other? Has anyone ever wondered or asked these questions? Come along on this fun story written by a member of the Nanticoke Lenni-Lenape Indian Tribe that tells about a journey of a famous turkey and how he introduced many tribes to each other. This is a great story that tells a tale about Native American Indians before the Europeans came to America. Native American stories are always told to the children, not only keep history, but it allows them to use their great imagination about subjects that have deep hidden meanings of the way things really are. This story is great for all ages! The main character of this story is Chikënëm. This is the Lenape word for Turkey. You can also say “chicken” for a shorter version. I would like to think that this is why we call the modern-day bird that we eat a chicken!

Available on Amazon, click the picture of the book to get your copy!

Introducing a new Children’s Book!
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