Monday, February 17, 2020

New Book, The Wishing Doll

Words cannot express the joy that I feel right now. I am not planning to be a writer, I am just writing my little stories for these two. I just want my grandchildren and children to have a little piece of me to carry on. I am so excited that they love my books and I am ever so grateful that we live in an age where this dream can happen. This is The Wishing Doll, book #4.

Do wishes really come true? What happens when we desire? What does admiration mean? For one little Lenape girl and her incredible story of wisdom, we will all learn a great lesson. Luckily for Mahala, not all of her wishes came true. This story tells of wisdom of an ancient culture, the Nanticoke Lenni Lenape of New Jersey. Mahala lived in the Cohanzick Lenape village in the place that we now call New Jersey. Her home was right along the Cohanzick river situated between the bay and streams. Join us in this journey of the past that brings your imagination through time as though you are living in a Lenape village hundreds of years ago before the Natives discovered the Europeans that came ashore. The illustrations of this book are incredible, and the artist intrigues each page with amazing details.

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