Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Desperately Seeking Old Friends We Served with in Korea

If your name is Loggy, Christmas, Clarkie or Mitch, from Osan AB, S. Korea in 1961- 1962, we are looking for you!

By: Mark Gould

This is the place, Osan Air Base in South Korea 

This is my older brother, Wilbur Gould  (aka: Gould) – Air Police

Place was Osan AB, S. Korea in the years 1961 – 1962
Honey Village

All we have are the nicknames but this is who we are looking for:

Loggy – Wilbur (Gould) had me, Mark (Little Brother), box with him.  I found out why they called him Loggy! (He hit really hard!)

Christmas – he is from Philadelphia and was a light weight boxer who prepared me.

Clarkie – this is the only thing we knew was the name.

Mitch – Honor Guard

The reason I am searching is because my brother Wilbur has Parkinson’s and is in the NJ Veterans Memorial Home, Room #3125, 524 N. West Blvd., Vineland, NJ 08360, 856-405-4200.

This is me, Mark Gould (aka: Little Brother) -Construction Engineer

I know that 56 years is a long time ago, but Wilbur still talks about you. That’s Love!

If anyone remembers my Hero, please contact him or call me, Mark Gould, 856-558-7848.


Ps.  I’m done with this Boxing Thing, I was never any good at it anyway.

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