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Plan Your Destiny by Achieving Your Goals

Plan Your Destiny by Achieving Your Goals

The following will help you create a new approach to life and discover
talents that you never knew you had. This will help you get the most out of
yourself all the time. You will start developing your innate strengths and
abilities to start enriching your life, TODAY!

The main reason people succeed at accomplishing goals is through their
determination to become successful. You must first be able to visualize where
you are going before there is any hope of achieving your goals.

Written goals are like maps with directions.

You need to desire to have a destination, direction and a plan of

Written goals are meant to be read like a map, you must have
directions, a path on which to travel with the intention of arriving at your

Write down a clear, to the point, statement of what it is you want to
receive out of life.

Your Goals must be in writing. Once it goes into writing the mind will
start working on them subconsciously. The traditional goal checklist is largely
a product of old technology, a pen and a piece of paper.

It is a good idea to write the goals down on a small piece of paper accompanied
with a small picture to carry them around with you, either in your purse or
your wallet. This way you can review them often.

The difference between a goal and a dream is the written and spoken word.

Let's say one of your goals is to get a truck. The first thing you need
to do is write that goal down. Write it down in the form of a positive affirmation,
then read it to yourself out loud!

Is this a goal you can accomplish? Is this goal believable? If the goal
is not believable it is going to be hard to accomplish. You must believe.  Smaller goals to start are going to be easier
to complete and the more you complete the more goals you will set for yourself.

Is the goal going to be challenging? The easy goals will form good
habits as you complete them. You will see yourself starting to make progress.
The small goals will keep you motivated to write new goals. The larger goals
that you set for yourself will force you to grow Mentally. You need to have
short term and long-term goals so you can continue making progress while
staying motivated.

Start to make a very brief outline on how you wish to achieve your
goals. The help you will need to accomplish your goals such as the,
information, knowledge, people, organizations. In each case write them out in a
clear list and go over them that.

Keep your outlines simple and to the point.

Set a deadline for your goals. Analyze where you are now in relation to
the goal and then measure how long you will reasonably need to complete the
goal. It's not unreasonable for a long-term goal to be over five years.

You should read your goals daily. Set them by your bedside, your desk
at work, or post them on the refrigerator. Putting these goals in action will
require consistent action from you.

Start visualizing your goals. Get a clear mental picture of the goals
one at a time. Start seeing your goals as completed.  If you can visualize your goals clearly you
will start to find ways to accomplish them.

What is happening in your mind is that your reticular activator is now
in motion. You are starting to see things that are familiar to your
subconscious mind. This is a very common occurrence after you start goal
setting you will start noticing more things that were always there before. You
might seek help for a certain goal and realize it right around the corner.

Get a clear MENTAL PICTURE of the goal as if it is already
accomplished. Make the image crystal clear, as vivid in the mind's eye as you
possibly can. Play that movie over and over in your mind.

You can think about the goals as long as you want to.

You can plan how you're going to accomplish your goals with an outline.

You can tell every person on this earth about your goals, you can print
your goals out in big letters paste them all over your house, you can read them
every day out loud, you can be the most positive energetic optimistic creative
person around. But if you take no action you will never accomplish anything.

Now that you have written goals it is time to start accomplishing them.

Remember persistence is staying motivated are the main keys to
accomplishing your goals is to review them daily.

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