Saturday, March 4, 2017

I Am that, I Am - The Power of God Within

I am merciful
I am a follower of God
I am simple
I am wisdom
I am astonished
I am Blessed
I am compassionate
I am a doer of the word
I a  fruitful
I am holy
I am mindful
I am perfect
I am wise
I am patient
I am of a certain mind
I am ready
I am strong
I am of one mind
I am love
I am courteous
I am kind to others
I am tenderhearted
I am forgiving
I am holy in all manner of conversation
I am sober
I am wise
I am peaceful
I am lifted
I am a servant of God
I am thankful
I am glad and rejoice forever
I am as wise as a
serpent and harmless as a dove
I am reconciled to God
I am equally yoked
I am separate
I am clean
I am led of the Spirit
I am transformed by the renewing of my mind
I am still
I am very
I am steadfast
I am unmovable
I am abounding  
I am warmed and filled
I am valiant
I am glad with
exceeding joy
I am with the king
I am the peace of
God that surpasses all understanding
I am beauty from within
I am rich
I am healthy
I am successful
I am what I imagine
I am grace
      I am that, I am

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